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Just another quiz
bored as hell

1. Ok if you saw a huge semi truck about to squish a 4yearold kid, what would you do?
push the kid out of the way
just stand there watching
try jumping in front of the truck to make it stop
stand in the road with the kid cuz u want to end your life
2. If there was a pitbull chasing you, where would you hide?
i would try to climb up a tree
i would hide behind a car
just keep runnin!!
just stand there and say "awww a doggie"
3. If sombody was trying to drown you how would you escape?
try to struggle by kicking, scratching
try to grab a knife thats near me to stabb his hand
try to lift my head up
scream in the water
4. well im out of questions..lets see if you lived and how you died..

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Times Taken:8,406
Created on:5/28/2010 4:50:30 PM
Made by:Bones_Fungus

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