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just another anime quiz!
your anime travel partner ^^

1. you see your partner trip, you do...?
rush to their side
ask if they are okay
2. someone hurts your travel partner, you...?
see if they are okay
your the one who hurt them.
you dont have a travel partner
avenge them.
3. after you get them to the hospital you...?
stay with them every second!
think "damn, thought they were dead."
stay in a nearby hotel until they are better
leave without them.
4. they lean in for a kiss, you..?
lean in too
uhm, thats my brother/sister... O.o
slap them away, HAHAHA
5. you see your travel partner kissing someone ELSE...thats not you, you...?
i kill them both.
kill the girl/boy, take back my man/woman
run away crying
i dont CARE, geez its my brother/sister!!!
6. what do you think you`ll get?
you killed them, or will.
best friend

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Times Taken:1,562
Created on:4/27/2008 6:17:36 PM
Made by:babykree101

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