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What Type of Junk Food Are You  quiz. We all love junk food  but have you ever wondered which one you are most like  You know what to do  take this quiz  that is  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Type of Junk Food Are You?
We all love junk food, but have you ever wondered which one you are most like? You know what to do (take this quiz, that is).

1. What is your favourite colour?
Multicolours! Rainbow! All of them!
Brown, hazel, black, white. The standard colours and umm shades I suppose.
Creme, pink and/or orange!
Green, blue, purple, you know, cool colours.
Yellow and/or red. So bright and happy. :)
2. Your friends would describe you as...?
LOUD!!!!!! WAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
I have too many to be sure!
A sweetie pie. (Me: Awww)
Loyal, I`m not the type of person to dog my friends.
Laid back. Totally man.
Full of surprises. BLEH I`M A VAMPIRE! Did I surprise you?
Friendly, nice, caring.
3. A dog comes up to you and whimpers at your knee, what do you do?
Kick it in the face and laugh as it goes flying through the sky like a rocket. (Me: Okay......)
Pet it then try to cheer it up until it is leaping for joy.
Buy it something to eat, take it for a walk and basically just treat it as if it were human.
Say `sup` and give it a rub on whatever is closest. (Me: This DOES NOT mean its private parts)
4. A very famous scientist incapable of lying tells you the end of the Earth is coming today, what do you say?
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! I`M GONNA DIE!!! (Me: Chill, its not happening now) Oh.
Crap, I`ve gotta go tell my friends!
EVERYONE THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING TODAY!! (I`d be telling everyone the news basically)
5. If you could have any pet in the world what would you have?
Some sort of awesome animal you can`t get, like a giraffe, penguin or lion *Names every non-pet*
Just a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or fish. Just the average-joe pets.
Any pet! I`m not fussy!
An animal that is easy to kill. MWAHAHAAHA!!! (Me: Remind me not to let you near my dog)
A reptile, insect or one of those types of pets.
6. What`s your favourite type of food?
Anything with tonnes of sugar in it!!!!
Fruit! So sweet and juicy.
I don`t have a particular taste. I`m not fussy.
I like whatever my friends like.
Other (Has to have been your favourite food for AGES)
Veggies of course.
7. What would be the ultimate party for you?
A surprise party by far!
I`m not fussed on big parties, I`d rather something simple.
Somewhere with all the kids at my school where we can do heaps of fun activities like laser tag.

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Created on:12/31/2009 3:32:36 AM
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