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can you hold your pee?
I can make you pee your pants if i let you do leave a mesange to me ;)

1. how long you think you can hold your pee
forevverrr ;)
3 hours
at last a half hour :(
at last 5 minutes! *grabs chrotch*
3 2 1 nuthing :( *pee*
2. how many drank you today
one cup soda and a cofee
2 cups soda a cofee and a half cup water
2 cups water 2 cups soda 1 cup cofee
at the morning 5 cups water at noon 4 cups soda at after noon 1 cup water and at evening 2 cofees
3. on a scale of 10 how full is your bladder?
4. press your bladder as long as you can what do you feel?
nothing why :)
a tiny bit urgent
a a little urgent *wiggle*
a big strong urgent to pee *grabs chrotch*
oooooohhhhh *pees pants* eeh oops
5. what are you doing to hold it in?
eeh just sit around
a bit wiggel and a half potty dance eh?
a full poty dance! (wiggle crissed legs etc.)
eeh evrithing but its to late! *pees*
6. how are you doing?
fine thanks :)
ooh realy fine why?
not soo good eh :$
f fine why? :$ * looks to bathroom and back to the little wet spot*
nooooooot good aaahh! *pees*
7. drink 4 full cups of water and wait 15 minutes what do you feel?
nothing ;)
a tiny bit urgent
a a little urgent *wiggle*
aah a urgents that says let me pee!
a strong big urg..... ohh *pees pants*
8. if your bladder can speak what does he says now?
its here sooooo empty
ooh at the bothom therse laing a litle pee
it comes here a litle full let i need soon a bathroom!
IM BURSTING! give mee a batroom NOW! *let some pee out*
ahh thats better *pees*
9. go sit on the toilet with your pants and panties on relax evrithing and sit there for 2 minutes what do jou do
nothing this is a bit weirdos
eeh strong urgent but i hold it up
a realy strong strong maybe i going to make the end of the quizz
aah i spurted! a tenis ball sized wet patch is on my pants
aah i can`t stop my from peeing! helpp!
10. what do you think of my quizz?
i love it?
i love it but may i now pee in the toilet? *does full potty dance*
it was cool!
it was good
it was not good
i hated it!
11. bye!
bye ;)
bye :$* runs to the bathroom*
*runs to the bathroom*

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Created on:8/16/2014 5:21:02 PM
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