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Could you be the Jokers girlfriend  quiz. Teehee I was watching Dark Knight again today    TeeHee   It was Charley s  first time she loves it     Of Coarse Now she Hates Harv  Charley  quot Kill Harvey Dent        quot  see Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Could you be the Jokers girlfriend?
Teehee I was watching Dark Knight again today... TeeHee!!!It was Charley's, first time she loves it 2!! Of Coarse Now she Hates Harv- Charley:"Kill Harvey Dent!!!!!!!" see.

1. Do you even like the Joker?
HELL YEAH!!!!(*shoots at competion*)
No he`s such a creep!!!(me; beats the $hit out of choice 2)
Sure he`s Kinda cute(*dodges bullets*)
2. Purple and Green?
3. Would you do anything 4 him?(Killing people and stuff)
Of Coarse I kill some one NOW!!!(*shoots choice 1*)
4. Are you o.k. with him being insane?
If I wasn`t that would be soooo Hypocritical!
5. Did the scene in Dark Knight w/ Racheal and The Joker make you Jealous?
YES(That *Bleep*)
ahhh... no
a little...
6. Harley Quinn
Yup thats me!!!
Ahhh o.k.?
7. What would you wear if you were Jokers Girlfriend
It shouldn`t matter if he really loves me
Jester Outfit, duh!!!!!
8. Would the fact that he wears make-up bother u?
Yeah he`s a guy!!!!
No I also wear white makeup so it shouldn`t matter!
Not really
9. Do you find his smile completely irresisable?!
It`s kinda... yellow...
hmmm... not his best quaulity...
10. What would you pick as a weopon?
I`m not really into war ...or clowns
Guns and Knives

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Created on:3/2/2009 9:35:43 PM
Made by:ebony__wings

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