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Join me and my army!
lol just random thing! (e)

1. How would you serve me?
obey you master!!
tell you f*ck off and plan against you
say ok whatever and do it
be a bit shifty and take ya time
2. Hello?
YES madam at your service!!
what do you want ugly?
yes may i help you?
i will destroy you!!!!
3. fetch me a drink?
yes no problem....madam (wow this power things cool)
of course oh crappy one (how dare you!!)
hhmm ok....*puts poison in drink*
Forget drink...taste my bullets b*tch
4. do you like me? (answer this carefully muhahaha) you....dont hurt me please (hehe this is fun)
your ok....i guess (eessh charming!)
yeah your cool dude (am a girl idiot) ARE YOU!!
yes....*pulls out a small knife*
I HATE YOU!! *pulls out gun* Watch the bullets blast through your head!!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,261
Created on:12/5/2007 6:25:24 PM
Made by:XxEmo_MCRxX

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