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What job suits you best?

1. Do you keep your bedroom tidy?
Yes, I hate mess.
Only if someones coming over
Now and again. If i can be bothered.
No. It is always a mess. I don`t care.
2. What sort of clothes are you most likely to wear?
Trackie bottoms and a jacket
Jeans and t - shirt
Skirt and top
A suit. Something that looks smart.
3. Where would be your ideal holiday destination?
Somewhere nice and hot
A ski resort or somewhere with lots of snow
Somewhere where you can party all night long
A cottage in the middle of nowhere
The toilet
4. What sort of food do you prefer?
Salad or fruit. Something healthy
Fast food.
Sweets and Chocolate. Delicious!
A normal homemade meal.
5. When you come home from school, What do you like to do?
Watch TV
Play out with friends
Read a book
Do homework
Go to bed
6. You have just been given some money. What do you do with it?
Spend it straight away
Save it for when there is something i really want
Save it for my friends birthday present
Give it back.I am too kind too accept money off people
Bin it
7. Finally, will you...?
8. Oh, and what did you think of the quiz?
it was so AWESOME!!!
It was ok
It was rubbish
9. I promise this is the last question. Was this quiz...?
Too short
Too long
About right?

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Created on:11/7/2008 1:02:39 PM
Made by:twilightZX

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