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What jellybean are you?
Just take the stinkin' quiz :]

1. What would you do if a kid fell off his bike and hurt himself?
Gasp then run to help.
Scream/ start crying, IM THE ONE WHO FELL OFF! ; - ;
Run off to find help
Why do anytihng? That little punk is fine!
2. What do your friends describe you as? ( sorry )
Show Off
Random/ Fun
3. Can you give me a cookie? :D?
UH.......... NO?!?!
SURE :D - gives - ( ty :D )
Err........ Maybe....?
Uh......Depends.......... What do I get in return?
can I have a COOKIE!!??!! >:)?
4. A kid at school is getting bullied, what do you do?
Yell at the bully to stop.
Laugh at the kid.
Beat up the bully
Run to get Help
Ask the bully to stop
Grab the kid and run
5. What do you usually wear?
The most expensive clothes!
The clothes that are in style!!!! DUH
Whatever I can afford/ have
I wear shoes on my hands :D
Baggy - looking clothes
Uh.....Regular Clothes...
T - shirt and pants?
6. Sorry it was so short!! Bye?
PEACE!!!!! ✌
aww... buh bye

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Created on:6/18/2009 10:59:49 PM
Made by:Brightstar

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