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Which Japanese  Demon  Ghost  Spirit  Are You  quiz. Are you a kitsune  a yuki onna  qilin  tennin  kodama  zashiki warashi  nappera bo  tengu  or a bakeneko  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Japanese (Demon, Ghost, Spirit) Are You?
Are you a kitsune, a yuki-onna, qilin, tennin, kodama, zashiki-warashi, nappera-bo, tengu, or a bakeneko?

1. A young woman (if you`re a guy) man (if you`re a girl) comes up to you in the middle of the night. What do you do with him/her?
Seduce him/her
Run away
Pull an innocent prank
Eat him/her
pull a malicious prank on him/her
Depends whether or not that person is evil
Try to steal his/her spirit
You wouldn`t be there in the first place
2. Do you consider yourself evil?
Whole heartedly good
Normal: good and bad traits, mostly good though
Mischievous, per say. Never evil.
On the better side of evil(?)
Whole heartedly evil! >:D (me: D^8 ) )
3. If you had the chance, you would rather:
Turn into an animal (mythical or not)
Stay a human
Become an inanimate object (Seriously)
4. How did you become a ghost, demon, mystical being, etc?
I was always this way
Murdered in the snow
Got to a certain age, weight, or grew something I shouldn`t have grown
Died when you were very young
5. Which place would you rather live in?
Anywhere is fine with me
Somewhere where it snows a lot
Snow peaks
Underneath butterbur leaves ^_^
A large, old house
A normal house, married to someone
Where my master resides
Hell *me iz wondren wether u gon crazi*
6. Are you considered:
a mystery
short and cute
beautiful, but you have an evil side
too mischevious
pee-in-your-pants frightening

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