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What jackass member are you?
the name says it all idiot.

1. what sounds more fun to you?
running through a field of snakes with no clothes on
running from snakes with clothes on
punching someone with a huge boxing glove
taking a hot iron to anyone who makes you mad
partying down in superstores
none of the above
2. have you ever..............?
beat up a rent a car
went fishng using your buddy as bait
ruined a dress cuz it was ugly
slamed into a door in a cart
gotten mock tatoo`s of other celebrities
none, i`m not a risk taker
3. yes or no: you`ve seen every episode of Viva La Bam, Jackass and Wildboyz.
4. do you like manny?
never heard of him
5. what is the all-time greatest Number 2 skit?
Bad Grandpa
The Wind Tunnel
The Brand
Man Fishing
Puppet Show
they all sucked

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Times Taken:4,477
Created on:3/25/2007 10:23:58 PM
Made by:bamlovesyou

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