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what is your wolf name  quiz. i have made up many many wolf names and im pretty good at disifering personalites Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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what is your wolf name?
i have made up many many wolf names and im pretty good at disifering personalites

1. if you were human your word would be?
2. if you were a wolf how would you die?
fighting for freedom
fighting for rights
figthing for revenge
figthing for peace
fighting for glory
fighting for family and friends
running away from trouble
having fun with my friends
3. if you had to save one wolf in the world who would it be?
id try to save them all
my father
my mother
i couldent choose
me,myslef and i
my pup
i wouldnt try to save anyone
my best friends
4. if you could have one power what would it be?
the power to fly
the power of weather control
the power to bring back the dead
the power to stop figthing
the power of imortalty
the power of trust
the power to stay safe no matter what
the power to never be bored!
5. what is your favorite saying?
uniqe and lovin it!
the storm wiol come and when it does mankind will be wached away forever along with its hate.
revenge is what brings us togehter
peace is the only thing that will help us survive
to kill or not to kill that is the qeustion.
nothing is better then sharing a meal with family.
i run becuse i have to not becsue im afraid.
if your bored dont tolerate just go somewhere else and have fun!!!!
6. how many friends do you have?(humans and animals)
about 20
about 15
about 5
about 35
about 6
about 20
about 3
about 4

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