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What is your warrior name  quiz. This quiz will help you know what your warrior name is if you ever got to be in a Clan Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your warrior name?
This quiz will help you know what your warrior name is if you ever got to be in a Clan.

1. If you were a warrior would you want to be a tom or a she-cat?
I would want to be a tom! Boys rule!
A she-cat of corse! I love being a girl! Its fun :P
2. What is your personality?
Sweet and loving
Brave and feirce
Brave and strong
Ambishous but loyal
3. Who was your favorite warrior in the books
Tigerstar! Its not his falt he was evil!
Sandstorm! She was very mean in the begining but got nice.
Firestar. He was a natral born leader not to mention brave and loyal
Scourge! Hes epicly awsome!
Whitestorm. He was the most perfect warrior there was.
Swiftpaw. Even though he died as an apperentice he had the heart of a real warrior!
Goldenflower. She was the sweetest cat there was.
Spottedleaf! Shes so nice and pretty and loyal to her Clan till the end of her days.
4. Do you consiter yourself pretty or handsom?
Of corse I do! What, are you crazy!?
No, not really. I mean people say I am but I dont think so.
5. Ok final question. Did this quiz help you?
I dont know yet.
I think so.

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Created on:1/12/2013 7:33:59 PM
Made by:Snowfrost

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