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What is your Warrior Cat name?
Take this quiz to find out what your true Warrior Cat name is! (e)

1. Are you female or male?
2. Your fur color would be which of the following:
Silver gray
3. Your friends would describe you as:
Shy, kind and clever
Outgoing, bright and adventurous
Stubborn, indignant and clever
Proud, ambitous and (sometimes) bossy
4. Your eye-color is:
5. You are offered the chance of Clan leader. You:
Thanks but no thanks. You know that its a lot of work and you don`t want to let your Clan down.
Thank you but probably not.
Sure! What a great offer!!!
6. You have been hunting at Snake Rocks all day with your mentor and when you come back to camp, rogue cats are attacking. Your mentor tells you to go to the nursery and wait out the fight with the queens and elders. You:
Obey his orders not to fight but help the medicine cat heal the wounded instead.
No way! Your going to fight, too!
Don`t listen to any of it! Flee!!
7. Last question: How would you rate this quiz?
Great! It was fun fun fun!
Meh. It was okay. (Depending on my outcome).
It was terrible! Bury it!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:3,218
Created on:8/29/2007 5:59:17 PM
Made by:warriorcats

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