What is ur Tribe cat name warriors series my own made up names so dont judge Quiz at Quiztron
What is ur Tribe cat name   warriors series  my own made up names so dont judge  quiz. yup ive wanted to make this for a long time and now im finally getting to soooooo  enjoi    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is ur Tribe cat name? (warriors series, my own made up names so dont judge)
yup ive wanted to make this for a long time and now im finally getting to soooooo, enjoi! =]

1. Boy or girl?
2. What would u rather b, a cave-gaurd or a prey-hunter?
3. What is ur fav color?
pale purple
light pink
4. What is ur fav food? (warrior cat style as i said be4 dont get grossed out just pick one)
soft erbs maybe...or maybe a little mouse
5. If u could go anywhere in the world and why where would it b?
To the ocean, to see the sun rise in the morning.
To hawaii, to see the dangerous volcanos.
To spain, to see all the culture and things.
To the bermuda triangle, lets see if the curse is real.
To mt. everest, to climb it.
To a giant flower garden somwhere, to admire all the wonderful flowers.
6. RP: Your Tribe Mate is slipping off the edge of the mountain what do you do?
I would save them.
I would try to help them up, but I would fail and they will fall to their death. *ME:OMG!!!!*
I would save them and take them back toe the Tribe Healer and tell him that this was a sign.
I would save them, no matter what even at the cost of my own life I will save them!
Why would I do ANYTHING? I was the one who pushed him/her over. *ME: =0 ummm...get away*
I would save them, but end up falling to my own death instead. *ME: I`ll save u!* YOU: thnxz! =]
7. RP: (i kno.....i kno...... this is off topic but o well just deal with it) If u had to choose between (this is in Naruto Shippuden ppl) your life or ur team mates or an Akatsuki members that u absolutely love, who would u save?
I would save my own, i dont love anybody.
I would save the Akatsuki member (i kno im letting a criminal live but so) i love him soooo much
I guess i would save my team mate, then maybe he/she can save me!
I would save my friend.
Why do i have to choose between me, my team mate, and my lover, thats unfair! *ME: SO?!*
I would save the akatsuki member due to the fact that i love him.
8. Pick on word that describes u..........
9. RP: You and ur brother/sister (watever 1 u prefer) are hunting when a eagle swoops down from above. You both see that its heading for a stray kit walking on the rocks, what do you do?
I would take down the eagle while my sister gets the kit.
I would save the kit while my brother takes down the eagle.
I would take down the eagle and then save the kit myself, my sis doesnt have to do anyhting.
I would protect the kit while my sister took down the eagle.
I would take down the eagle and leave the kit there and walk back to the cave.
I would take down the eagle and curiously look at it while my sis gets the kit.
10. RP: SharpTooth *ME: OH NO!!!!* comes and takes one of your kits away, his name is Claw of Wild Cat, what do u do?
I would go and get my kit back and KILL sharptooth!!!!!!!!!!
I would let my mate go and get our kit back, but secretly follow him heh heh heh......
I would kill shrptooth and save my kit from his claws!!!!!!
I would wrip shrptooth to shreds and get my kit back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would rip off sharptooth`s head and eat it myself then get my kit back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would get my kit back and kill sharptooth like prey!!!!!!
11. LAST QUESTION: will u b happy wit wateva u get?
sur wateva just show me my name!!!!!
yes now lets go
yes plz giv me my name now
yes hurry up!!!!!!
yes thank u for taking the time to do this

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