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What is Your True Zodiac Sign   Read Description  quiz. Long time no see    Comment and Rate please  This isn t to guess your zodiac sign  it s showing you which sign best relates to you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is Your True Zodiac Sign? (Read Description)
Long time no see :) Comment and Rate please. This isn't to guess your zodiac sign, it's showing you which sign best relates to you.

1. Which word best describes you?
2. You`ve just gotten out of a romantic relationship that you`ve been in for a long time. How do you react?
I feel free!
Very depressed, I loved them.
Upset, but I won`t say anything against it.
Okay, it`s probably the best for both of us.
Confused, I`m not sure what to do now.
3. If something gets you really upset, how do you most likely react?
Cry out of anger.
Cry out passion.
Get angry and violent.
Sit alone for a while.
Yell and shout a lot.
4. Your friend is angry at you, how do you most-likely deal with it?
Calmy ask what you did wrong
Get irritated by them
Get very upset
Understand and leave them alone for a little
Get very confused
5. You`re invited to a party where you know there will be a lot of people. You decide to:
Go, I love meeting new people
Stay at home, I don`t like being around a bunch of people.
Throw my own party, which will probably be better anyway
Enjoy quality time with good friends instead.
I`d rather be alone.
6. Choose the option that captures your interest:
7. The most accurate opinion on religion is:
There is a god.
No one can be too sure.
Man made god.
There`s so many to choose from!
8. Rate and comment?
Of course (:
Meh. Probably not.

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