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What is your true form  quiz. Many creatures lurk out there  We may be one of them and just not know it    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your true form?
Many creatures lurk out there. We may be one of them and just not know it....

1. Where do you like to go to the best?
Warm beach at night
Crowded dance club
Peaceful room where you can read/write/study
2. If you could have contacts, what would they look like?
Complete black, so I look cool
Plain, who needs colored contacts?
Red with cat-like middles
3. What are your best qualities?
4. (You can kill me if you want to) What`s you favorite colors?
Green, white, silver
Black, dark blue, red
Grey, purple, baige
5. What kind of kid are you, in class?
Teacher`s pet / Smart Alec
Bad kid / Punk
Shy kid / Loner
6. You meet your worst enemy in school, what do you do?
Confront him/her and tell them to bug off
Try to make firends with them
Kepp away and stay hidden to give space
7. What`s your favorite element?
8. Choose one
Bear claws
Black hat
Swan feathers
9. Choose another thing
Dead crow
Green crystal
Blood jar
10. Do you lose your patience easily?
Yesss! Like right now!
No. I stay calm at all times
Well, that depends

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Created on:12/30/2008 10:22:58 PM
Made by:Mistheart

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