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What is your super power?
Are you super strong? Super fast? Find out.

1. Do you like lightning storms?
No....they`re scary
Yeah, they give me an excuse to stay inside
I can`t go camping.....!
2. Do you like roasting marshmallows?
No. Not really...
3. What is your strength?
you`re fast
you`re smart
I don`t know or care
you don`t stand out
4. What`s your favorite out of these?
I like being on the ground!!!! Thank you gravity!
I like the air. I`m not afraid to fly in an airplane!
Give me some wood and I`m good
Where`s the nearest gym?
5. Did you like this quiz? (doesn`t affect outcome)
This one stunk

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Times Taken:1,964
Created on:7/31/2008 12:57:00 AM
Made by:pickleswiss

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