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What is your soul colour?
Are you peaceful, or coiled up like a spring? Take this quiz to find out! (e)

1. You have forgotten to do your homework for maths class, and you need an excuse. What is it?
Ummmm.... the dog ate it? It`s not like I do this often!
Well, in my excuse book, you will do 346, my dad swallowed a spoon and you had to go to the hospital
You don`t lie or make excuses! You say sorry and offer to do it tonight!
Say that you simply forgotten, and bash your eyelashes like crazy to get out of detention!
Blame your little brother for using it as toilet paper!
Fake a sickie and get out of there as soon as you can!
whenever the teacher asks for homework, make a long talk about fractions!
2. You just have decided to be vegetarian, when your mom gives a suprise dinner of going to a meatlovers place. What do you do?
Do a long talk about vegetarianism that bores everyone to bits!
Throw a temper tantrum. It`s not fair!
Eat only dessert. You don`t want to spoil your familys night as well.
ewat the meat so your parents won`t lecture you.
Bring a peanut butter sandwich along.
Convince your parents to let you stay at home( raid the fridge!)
6 letters. R-E-F-U-S-E!
Hide in toilets as you see chicken being mauled apart.
Go with the flow. They can`t force you to eat!
3. Despite your parents saying no, you have saved up and bought a new bike. Your best friend accidentally breaks it. What do you do?
Tell your parents a sob story of" some big nasty boys came and bwoke it"
Completly blame it on your friend and demand for them to buy a new bike for you.
Get fake blood and rub it over you to get the attention off your bike!
Own up. It wasn`t really you fault anyway...
Listen to the lecture and promise to never do it again...yeah right!
A bit of tears should loosen them up...
save up for a new bike!
4. When you are older, you want your house to be....
Big, fancy and gorgeous dahling!
A warm cosy place
Comfortable, with a dash of your fav style!
Similar to the one you live in now!
a huge garden... you love to be free!
Lots of pets!
Dark, stylish and gothic!
Multicolour extravaganza!
5. Favourite food?
Any thing! Except vegetables........
Chocalate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Or anything heavily coated in chocolate!!!!!!!!!!
fast food.
Anything home made... yum.
I`m vegetarian!
I don`t have a favourite, cause it changes when i try something new
Fish`n`chips or pizza, but my style.
6. You have a swimming gala, and you love swimming but you sprain your arm. what do you do?
Do the gala!
stay at home, feeling a bit sorry for yourself
Cheer for your friends as you watch
ask the doctor if you could swim
Yippee! You hate swimming!
There is always next year, after all, it`s not that important!
7. Your alarm goes off too early. what do you do?
Throw the damn thing out the window!
wake up groggily, and fall back asleep.
Yell at your little brother for being so mean!
Be cranky for the whole day!
Meet some friends. They cheer you up!
Eat some comfort food.
You go back to sleep. That little alarm won`t bother you!

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Created on:9/11/2007 9:55:41 PM
Made by:vegebrain

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