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What is your renegade Time Lord name  quiz. Have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were a renegade Time Lord  Find out now Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your renegade Time Lord name?
Have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were a renegade Time Lord. Find out now.

1. You are faced with a deadly enemy. What do you do?
Kill them
Try to talk to them
Run away
Try to flirt your way out
Convince them to do as you say
2. What is death?
Death is nothing to me. I am immortal.
Tragic. Painful. Unnecessary.
What I seek to end.
What I shall conquer.
For me, regeneration.
3. You can travel to any time period. What one do you choose.
The very beginning, I want to change it.
Victorian era. Very romantic.
30th century BCE, always and adventure.
I prefere to stay where i am thank you!
Around 10 billion-ish.
Anywhere in the past.
Anywhere in the future.
4. The world is ending. What do you do?
Yes! It worked!
Find my lover and say goodbye.
Just another day for me.
Make up a complicated plan.
5. You are faced with a terrible choice that involves sacrificing your own life to save the universe.
Sacrifice my life!? NEVER!
I`ll die proudly.
Anything to save my true love!
I`ll find another way out it.
Wow the whole universe is ending...I really screwed up!
6. Regeneration is...?
Only the beggining.
Terrible. It changes everything.
A part of my life.
Alright. I mean, I`m not dead so....
Something my enemys can`t do when I kill them.
7. Traveling time and space is....?
Who needs to travel time and space, when I can control it!
A way to meet new people (and lovers)
Boring, I`ve got better things to do.
8. Your ultamite goal is...?
To explore every planet in the universe.
To help people.
Ultimate knowledge.
To be a great leader.
To find love.
To bring greatness.
9. Your one true love is...
My true love is always by my side.
Helping others.
10. Are you a good person?
I have my dark side, but I keep it hidden.

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