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What Is Your Power?
If you were magic, what would your power be? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Okay, I`m going to get the quick questions over first. What is your favourite colour?
Grey/white... they are just plain shades, what I like the most.
Pink or purple! Pweeetty!
Green, blue, you know the more calm colours.
Red or orange. Strong, bright colours!
2. Favourite animal from the list below?
Lion. Brave, strong, what more can you ask for?
Owl. So wise... And they can spin their head around 360 degrees! Awesome!
Wolf! They look so cool and don`t take crap from anyone.
A solitary animal, like an orangutan. (Me: Plus they`re pretty cute!)
A frog! They`re bouncy! *Starts jumping up and down like a frog* *Boing, Boing* (Me: *Joins in!*)
Bat, they`re pretty freaky, but that`s what I love about them.
Dog, cat, you know the normal everyday pet sort of animals.
3. Favourite food?
HAMBURGERS, CHIPS, HOTDOGS!!!! *Starts to drool*
Not sure... (Me: Its multiple choice, can`t you pick one?) I did. (Me: Well, la-di-da!)
Veggies. Good brain food! *Munches on a piece of celery*
Any protein filled foods. Eggs, beef, pork, chicken, lamb. The works!
Fruit, they`re juicy!
LOLLIES!!!! WAAAAHHH!!!! *Runs around the room ten times crazily, twitches as sits down*
4. How many friends would you say you have?
Everyone is my friend! :D
A large amount of close friends who all know how to have fun!
Just a small group of people I can trust.
Hmm, a few I suppose, just some people who I have the same interests as.
None... (Me: That stings)
5. Favourite subjects at school?
Maths, english, science, history, geography. You know the core subjects.
P.E/fitness! I kick everyone`s butts at sport!
My electives, obviously!
Ahh, does lunch count?
The ones with the least amount of people in them...
6. What are some of your hobbies?
Reading, writing, those types of literary type of hobbies. :)
Sport! SPORT! SSSSPPPPOOOORRRTTTT!!!! (Me: *Runs away*)
Staying at home on the computer or something I guess.
Hanging with friends!
Crosswords, sudoku, things that get your mind working!
Pranking people... hehe.
7. Now for some role-playing questions! There is a little kid being bashed up by a bunch of teenagers? What do you do?
Leave `em. None of my business. (Me: Okay, just a little harsh)
Call someone for help!
Confuse the bullies by giving them large mathematical sums to work out.
Tell the bullies to get lost or they`ll be sorry. Threaten them until they leave the kid basically.
Bash THEM up!
8. The world is coming to an end... your neighborhood is running out of food. You found huge boxes of it. What do you do with it?
Take it all for myself... hehe. (Me: :o)
Give it all away!!! :D Oh wait... then what about me??? My head hearts.
Evenly divide it to everyone in the neighborhood.
Give it to my friends and family.
Give everyone some, making sure everyone gets their share.
9. A random guy walks into your house with two massive machine guns! What do you do?
Oh this is BS. No one comes into my house uninvited!
I`d give him a beating of a lifetime!
Work out how to trick the guy to put himself into jail...
*Stand there and stare*
10. If you had a label, what would it be?
Non-smoking HIPPY!!!
Rebel! Hehe.
11. Choose a smiley!
^_^ (Me: This one is my favourite!)
0.o (Me: I suppose you could call this a `uncomfortable look`)
T.T (Me: I`d say this is a "Right...")
:) (Me: Hehe.)
:( (Me: *Sniff sniff*)
<.< (Me: Maybe this is a `hmmm....`)
:o (Me: This one is obviously surprised. I like to call it `WAAHHH??`)
XD (Me: Extreme smile!)
12. Did you like this quiz?
It was awesome!!!! (Me: WOOHOO!)
It was very good!
Hmm, maybe a little easy... (Me: Ahh, this was a personality quiz, not trivia) That`d explain it!!
I don`t know.
Why are you asking me? (Me: Ahh, `cause you did the quiz??)

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Created on:1/21/2010 2:39:57 AM
Made by:melfroggyz

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