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What is your political position?
Are you; a Anarchist, Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal-Democrat, Monarchist, Socialist, Fascist, National Socialist, Communist

1. What is the Main role of Government?
To create all that is Evil in the world
To Protect us
To Protect the Well Being of the Nation
To provide for us
To Protect the Morality of the Nation.
To do what is best for the State
To do what is best for society
To do what is best for the People and State, and eliminate threats to perfection
To Rule the people as they see fit
2. What is the best reason for war?
We are invaded
Never, it is a political war machine, always for petty reasons
When we are invaded by someone who we can not settle with peacful negotiations
When we are threatened by a foreign power
When I feel it is needed
When they do not agree with our plans for the world`s society
War is key to peace and building a perfect world
When it benifits the state
When it benifits the people
3. National Healthcare?
We should have no money system, and everything be free are purchased by a trade system
Gives the government power they are not ment to have.
Is Economicly unsustainable
Is needed for a healthy working society
Is a right that belongs to the indigenous people of this land
Is a right that belongs to those who benifit the state
Is needed for those who are handcap
If a province is struck with a epidemic, they will recieve aid to handle this problem,
National Healthcare is needed to help those who are sick, and can`t afford treatment
4. Income Taxes?
No! Replace it with a flat tax, tax based on income is a violation of individual liberties
There should be no taxes
It should be a uniform % rate
It should be focused on the rich, because they can afford to pay it
Should be high on the rich in order to redistribute it, according to need, and ability
Should be high for Financing the State budget
Should be higher on certian ethnic groups of people
Should be managed according to need
Raise tax when needed and lower taxes when not needed through out the land
5. How should government be chosen?
Birth rights
Direct Elections
Electorial Elections
It shouldn`t
The people should vote on the issues
Through raising through the military ranks
Through official Appointment
Through Ethnic proof, and apointments
Through Elections, with the canidates selected by the government
6. When is Laws ok?
When it does not violate the rights of the citizens, but protects us, and our property
When it is protects the people and with holds our traditional values
When it is needed for the situation at hand
When it is moral
When it helps the little guy
When it helps society
When it benifits the state
When it benifits the state, and indigenous people
7. Who is the ideal leader?
Someone who is honest, who protects, but does not restrict
Someone who was raised to be a ruler
Somone who is wise with money
Someone who is of high moral fiber.
No one! power corrupts!!!
Someone who charismatic, can get things done, and loves his country
Someone who is charismatic, and a good commander of armies
Someone who helps the the poor, working class, and minorities
Somone who is charismatic, and helps the community

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