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Is your pet trying to kill you?
Is your pet the angel it seems to be?!?!

1. What type of pet do you have?
A dog
A cat
A goldfish (Wait... you think I goldfish is plotting to kill you? What`s it gonna do, spash water?)
A turtle (Sheesh your paraniod...)
2. Say you had to go out to the store. You break the news to your pet. What do they do?
Gets up and dances with joy!
Looks sad and pathetic.
Cries with sorrow and holds onto your leg until you shake it off.
Smirks with satisfaction. >:]
Does nothing. Absalutely nothing.
3. While you are gone, what does it do?
Throws a giant party with all its friends
Sits there dutifully, waiting until its master arrives.
Fills your pillow with shaving cream.
Makes a trap for when you open the door it stabs you.
Falls asleep.
4. You get home. What happens?
They jump for joy and prance around you.
They say: "Oh... your home already? Wait, how are you still alive?" (Since when do animals talk?)
Hellooo? Pet can`t really react when they are in a cage...?
5. Sorry this quiz is so short.
Its ok!
MAKE IT LONGER, FOOL!!! (Me: Well your nice)

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Created on:1/4/2011 2:35:54 PM
Made by:KressLuv

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