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Meticulous Nen Category Quiz  Hunter X Hunter Nen Test  quiz. Hunter X Hunter Nen quiz through personality  sorry no water leaf    Nen is closely tied to one s personality and often doesn t change from when one is born  The type of super power one develops through nen is closely tied to one s personal nen category so check out what options you got   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Meticulous Nen Category Quiz (Hunter X Hunter Nen Test)
Hunter X Hunter Nen quiz through personality (sorry no water leaf). Nen is closely tied to one's personality and often doesn't change from when one is born. The type of super power one develops through nen is closely tied to one's personal nen category so check out what options you got!

1. When In a group, how are decisions usually made?
I always push hard for my opinion/option, even if other disagree
I get very frustrated because we rarely go with my opinion/option
I get into arguments why we should go with my opinion/option
Most the time I am asked what we should do
We often go with whatever I bring up without any fuss
I tend to let others make the decision and not worry about it
2. What is your view on helping someone?
You should help them, its about doing what`s right.
You should be careful who you help and when
You should mainly help someone if you can gain from it
You should stick to helping people you know
It depends on the circumstances and my personal feelings at the time
Only help someone if they come to you for help
3. How do you approach a problem?
Tackle it as is, it will work out
Examine it, and focus on what could go wrong to avoid any issues
Question why it occurred, and follow the underline issues to solve it
See if it has a simple solution, if not ignore it
Figure out if it`s worth solving in the long run, then worry about it
Figure out how you can best solve it on your own
4. What do you value in companions?
Those who will always have your back
Those who can keep you in check
Those who understand you very well
Those who can both be there and be scarce
Those who can`t fully understand you
Those who can think for themselves
5. What do you want most in a partner?
Someone who understands me fundamentally
Someone who can read me and respond
Someone I can rely on no matter what
Someone who will do whatever it takes to accomplish something
Someone I can do everything for
Someone who can stand on their own
6. What should life be about?
To have fun and enjoy it to its fullest
To do whatever you want, however you want
To have a goal or goals and work towards it or them
Finding what you`re good at and pursuing it
Finding meaning and value in ones work
Ensuring the next generation can be at a least little better off than the last
7. If you had to fight someone and were prepared for the fight, what is your strategy?
Instinct and Improvise
Formulate a plan and back up plan based on the opponent
Rely on my strong points and build a strategy around that
Come up with a plan to avoid the fight before it begins if at all possible
Tap out right away
Research the environment to find an advantage, be as in depth as possible
There is no right way to fight most of the time, even with preparation
8. What is your closest companion like?
very Stubborn and Headstrong
very Lazy and Unsocial
very Caring and Thoughtful
very Careful and Calculating
very Agressive and Passionate
they are pretty chill or very laid back all the time
very Odd
they often cause trouble
we Argue or debate a Lot
we Mess with each other a lot
9. What is knowledge to you?
Something you gain from experience
Something you can gain through academia
What`s left over after you forget facts you`ve been taught
What you naturally pick up without trying
Whatever is valuable for someone`s well-being
Useful Information that you can`t function without
Anything that can be re-stated
Anything you know that you didn`t instinctively
Something that has personal value
10. What makes someone intelligent rather than smart?
They have a vast knowledge of some form of academia
They are able to solve problems with more ease
They know a lot information that is practical
They know a lot of complex information
They think in ways that most do not
They are able to accomplish anything they set out to
They can pick up on things quickly
11. What makes someone smart rather than intelligent?
They have many practical skills
They can pick up on things fast
They can take in a lot of information and process it with ease
They have extensive knowledge in some field
They can do anything on their own if physically possible
They can remember almost anything
12. You find yourself flung into a fantasy setting, what combat/ strategy would you apply the most?
Head on assaults
Range fighting
Psychological warfare
Focus on terrain advantages
In depth strategy and controlling the flow of the fight
Use an Adaptive fighting style
one on one combat
Have others back you up
Spam a special move
Avoid combat and enjoy other fantasy world indulgences
13. What would you hate to have happen the most?
To have innocent bystanders die from your battle with another
To have someone close to you die of a disease
To have accidentally have killed children
To have accidentally have killed middle aged adults
To have someone close to you murdered
To have stolen an object and someone else dies for it
Why do I have to pick?
14. What is most valuable to you that you absolutely could not stand to lose?
Something Tangible that can`t be replaced
Something Spiritual that mustn`t be lost
Someone close you don`t want to lose
A point of view you don`t want corrupted
Something that I literally can`t live without
Something no one else can have
Only a Sith deals in absolutes
15. How do you shop?
I just get what I need
I wont get more than I need just because of a deal on what I need
I`ll ignore savings on a larger item if it means getting more than I plan to use or need.
I am impulsive and tend to buy more if there is a deal
I get something new whenever it`s possible
I tend to get caught up if there is something I want but don`t need.
16. Were there options you wanted to change after leaving the previous question(second guessing yourself after clicking)?
Yes, god darn it!
No not at all
I miss clicked
I talked myself out of an answer
I over thought the question and wanted to change it
I want to change some because I used the bathroom
My mind changes easily so yes
I trust my gut over my brain
There might have been one
All is well that ends well
17. How do you react when something goes wrong?
I flip out a bit
It doesn`t bother me
I question how it could have happened
I get over it quickly
I`ll hold a grudge if it effected me
I try immediately to fix it
18. How should tests be conducted?
they should be done in a way that highlights strengths
they should show ones weaknesses
they should be interpretive rather than absolute
they should only be used for memorize content
they should be specialized to the person
they should represent a standard
19. Do you believe in higher powers?
Yes, I am religious
I think the zodiacs are a thing...stuff like that...
No, Nothing higher effects me
Defining higher power first
I am simply not religious but I find it plausible enough to consider
I at least think there is another dimension or world out there
20. Do you think 23 questions is enough?
No, more is always better
23 is fine if scaled correctly
23 is more than enough
I don`t think the amount matters that much
maybe a few more would be better
23 is an odd number but too many means people would lose interest
21. What did you do most as a child (before your teens)?
I played outside and explored where I could.
I played a lot of sports and group activities.
I played a lot of video games.
I watched a lot of TV or internet shows.
I spent a more of my free time reading.
I preferred to do the above stuff but specifically alone.
22. What do you most prefer to do now in most of your free time?
Hang out with friends whenever possible
Take time for myself.
Get a head start on things I need to do later.
Try something new for me
Catch up with family
Focus on how I can improve my career(or academics)
23. What is your ideal game play style in action/combat based video games?
Charge in, damage is all I need to worry about.
Try and find an exploit, a win is a win
I just do whatever is fun, sub optimal then so be it
Focus on status effects and bonus damages.
Avoid any risks, damage means high chance of failure
Find a role and master it. Min Max when able.
I really don`t play video games enough to have a style

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