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How is your lying? Part one
See just how good you are at lying in tough situations. (e)

1. You stole money from your dad`s wallet. He accuses you of theft! Even though he didn`t see you. What do you say?
In a firm and confident voice say "I didn`t do it!"
Confess immediately
Pause then blame it on your little sister.
In a convincing posture say "I am shocked with your words, father!" and act hurt
Cry at your dad`s words
2. Someone asks you a personal question and the answer is no. But if you say this all your friends will laugh. What do you say?
Say "No" weakly
Say "Yes, lots of times!" strongly
Say "Who hasn`t?" and chuckle
Say "Duh!" and nod
Say "Yeah! Not 5 minutes ago" confidently and sarcastically
3. Sorry this is a short quiz i`m not in the mood. Please look out for Part 2! When i`m in the mood. Anyway, how many times have you lied?
A few white lies
A lot of white lies
Tons of white lies and a couple proper lies
Mostly big lies
I lie tons of times (except this answer)
I barely lie
Mostly little lies
A mixture
I end up saying the truth most of the time
I only lie to keep secrets

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Times Taken:1,290
Created on:7/2/2007 7:54:35 AM
Made by:sumonekool

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