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Is your love ment to be  quiz. Is your love a match made in heven or a mistake from hell  or does it just need some help  find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Is your love ment to be?
Is your love a match made in heven or a mistake from hell, or does it just need some help? find out!

1. how many times do you see eachother every week. (on your own time not at school)
every day
3 or 4 times
1 or 2 days
not to often
2. do you like being with him/her?
yes all the time
no not really but i hate not being around him/her
no i`m sick of it
kinda, it depends on my mood
3. what do you do when your not around him/her?
fool around with someone else
go on with a normal day and somewhere inbetween think about geting together with him/her
sob, because i miss them
think nothing of them and continue normal day ruiten
4. what do you feel when you see him/her walk in the room
bleh i dont really care
5. do intend to be married to him/her?
if things dont change then yes
i want to but i doubt he feels the same
6. does he/she often look at other people other than you?
yes very often
no never
he doesnt look at any body not even me
7. do you feel you love them?
yes definately
its in progress we just started dating
sorta kinda. i dont think we`re there yet
8. do you talk to them a lot (phone, texting, internet chat ,ect)?
not really i`ve maybe done that once or twice
9. how often do you kiss ?
every day on the cheek every night on the lips
on the cheek every day
little smooch on the lips every once in a while
make out every day
never eeeeewwww
we`re only in middle school
we`re a tad bit shy
we`re both worried what our peers would think
10. last question, do you think it will last?
it might
not really
11. please rate and coment! (this doesnt effect your outcome)
no thanks
what ev

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Created on:4/7/2008 7:53:14 PM
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