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What is your life like or going to be like?
I'll do my best to predict it. :]

1. Imagine you are walking on a road. Describe it.
Can`t decide
2. You come across a key. What do you do?
Pick it up and put it in my pocket
Its on one of the forks in the road! Wich way? Wich way!?
Walk right by it...
Uhh... what does it look like?
3. You see a cup of water on the ground. You...
Drink it!
It`s on another fork!! AGHHHH!!!
How much water?
Leave it alone.
4. You come across a tree. Is it bigger or smaller. If so, by how much?
Bigger, more than a foot!
Same size as me.
Smaller,more than a foot.
Bigger, less than a foot
Smaller, less than a foot
5. You come across a Brick wall. What do you do?
Climb over it
Walk into it over and over
Walk around it
its blocking a fork, so I go to the other one.

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Created on:6/12/2009 12:53:39 PM
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