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Is your life good?
Do you ever wonder if you have a boring life? find out in this QUIZ! (e)

1. Do you like where you live?
It`s okay I guess
yea , it`s a nice house
no, my apartment stinks
yep,my apartment is nice and cozy
NO :[
2. Do you have any pets?
some. I think.
a couple, some fish and a bird
a dog, I love him very much
no I hate animals
no, my apartment is too small
3. favorite movie?
I hate movies
hmm I`m not sure. I have a huge collection
Shrek ha ha I love donkey
I haven`t seen a movie in a long time
4. how many CLOSE friends do you have?
none. I can`t trust anyone anymore
TONS. I`m so POPULAR(me: but are they close??)
I don`t know.......such silly questions!
5. Will you comment?
on what?
sure thing. no problemo
don`t have time

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Created on:10/20/2007 10:41:09 PM
Made by:kiwiBABY0

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