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What is your level of self efficacy  quiz. An assessment used to determine an individual s level of self efficacy  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your level of self efficacy?
An assessment used to determine an individual's level of self-efficacy.

1. How do you approach unfamiliar tasks?
I experience a degree of anxiety.
I try to do my best.
I am good at figuring out new tasks.
2. Do you have difficulty making decisions?
I make decisions quickly.
I take my time and think things through.
I dislike making decisions.
3. How do you prefer to address a task?
I prefer a set way things should be done.
I like to figure out the best way to accomplish a task.
I can do it either by a predetermined way or my own way.
4. Have you been successful in your previous goals?
Most of them.
Some of them.
A few of them.
5. How do you study for a test?
I study throughout the week and usually do well.
I study a few days before the test and usually do well.
I study throughout the week but have trouble remembering the information.
6. When asked to take on a new task, how do you respond?
I make it known that I`ve never done it before.
I consider it a challenge.
I look forward to learning something new.
7. How does your teacher/boss respond to your work?
My boss compliments my work often.
My teacher shows me where I could have done better.
My boss/teacher doesn`t give me any feedback.
8. When you drive somewhere and get lost, how to you respond?
I get very anxious.
I look for something that looks familiar.
Does anyone ever really get lost? You`re going to come out somewhere.
9. How did your father feel about your interests growing up?
My father was disappointed I didn`t play football.
My father supported all my activities.
My father missed a lot of my games because of work but I know he wanted to be there.
10. Did your parents allow you to make age-appropriate decisions?
My parents were overprotective.
Sometimes, but not always.
11. Do you make decisions or does your spouse make the decisions in your relationship?
I make the decisions.
We make the decisions together.
My spouse makes the decisions.

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