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Is it love your are feeling or is it infatuation?
take your pick (e)

1. What would you do with your boyfriend or girlfriend (CLEAN people think CLEAN) *LOL*
Go to the movies, and you pay for everything (or the guy) having a good time with the one you love
Ask if you can go on a date with them. Then turn bright pink and hide your face when they say yes
Who cares, let them do whatever they want you really like them and all. Let them have their own fun
Go out like best bud`s and joke around a bit as usual. Be the best of friends
2. What is the most romantic thing you can do for your boyfriend or girlfriend?
Tell them you love them and you miss them every single day. U always want 2 no what they R doing
Hey just give them a box full of chocolates and a bundle of roses, they`ll love you
Hesitate for a moment then quickly kiss them on the mouth and hide your face in your coat
Shrug, just hang out nothing better to do but watch and go places they wish to go
3. Last Question, What would you say to your boyfriend or girlfriend?
I like you, but...well, uh i like you
I love you and you are the star in my velvet midnight sky, i don`t care what anyone says ur mine
....Uh, you I like....I mean, I mean I like you....ALOT!!!
I like the way our relationship is going but I`d like to know you more and kick it up a notch

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Created on:11/27/2007 11:43:01 AM
Made by:vampfairy137

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