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Which is your inner dragon?
Find out which is the dragon you have inside. (e)

1. Which colour do you like??
Sea blue
2. Which one would be your power?
Fire breathing
Poisonous claws and jaws
Water abilities
Fire breath
Powerful claws and jaws
Ice breathing
3. How would you describe your personality
You like to be alone, you`re shy and mysterious
Usually you like to be around others, you`re smart and joyfull.
You are a great leader and can build friendships with anyone.
You are shy but very clever.
You`re powerful, you are very clever and wise, yet you are usually lonely.
You are caring about others and are warm and affectionate.
4. Were would you live??
In the ocean
In high mountans
In mountains or valleys
Hot places
Dark caves or volcanoes
You live in cliffs

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Created on:10/24/2007 10:08:31 AM
Made by:freeforme

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