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Is your house Haunted?
Is your house haunted? put down results

1. Lets say your watching T.V. Does somthing ever appear from the corner of your eye?
No, not realy.
2. Your going to bed, your mom(or dad or both) are asleep and so is your sister\brother. Do you feel like your being watched?
no, no alot.
3. Have you ever heard voices? or Sounds you couldn`t explain?
not alot;
4. If your house is haunted, and you are seriously consitering it, who do you think it is?
Someone I love, and relitive.
A total stranger, i there trying to get in my head.
5. Do you feel like your watching now?
kind of, i feel creaped out..
nah, im good.
6. What do you think of death? This could be important.
I believe that when you die, if you lead a good life, you go to Heaven.
that if you don`t fallow God, you will be left to roam the Earth, lonley
nothing. you rot in a box. :P
none of the above
7. Have you ever had or played with an oweji boad in your home?
Yes, (shame on you!)
8. if your house is haunted, do you think the people are there to hurt you?

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Created on:11/27/2008 2:06:17 PM
Made by:metrogirl00

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