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is he really the one for you (girls only)
girls, is he the one for you

1. when you look at him what do you see
i see a handsome boy,
i just see a boy
i see a smart, inteligent person
i see a confused boy, but i like him
i see nothing, i dont really look at him
2. what do you do when you hang out
i make him go shopping with me
what! i cant be seen with him. i just see him at home sometimes
i ask him to take me out somewhere. but he has too pay for everything
i ask him to come over my house for the day
i take him to the movies to watch a film he wants to see
3. do your parents like him
yes, my parents say he is lovely.
my parents like him because they let him in my house alot
my parents dont care,
my parents say he is strange and weird.
i would never tell my parents and if i did they would hate him
4. when you alone with him what do you speak about
do you like what you see
i ask him what he likes to do, and them i do the thing with him
i ask him his intrests and stuff
i just speak about me and how my day went
i cant be bovered to speak to him
5. why do you like him
because he is smart and funny, and he is nice to me
he is cute, skinny, tall (or small)
i dont know, i know why he likes me, because im pretty
i am not that sure about why i like him
i dont like anything about him
6. do you think he likes you
well, im nice to him. im funny i like hanging out with him, so yes i do
yes because i do all the stuff he likes to do
because im pretty duh
i dont know
no way!
7. do you have alot in common
yes, we like almost everything the same
we like some hobbies and foods
well i dont like the things he likes, but im sure he likes what i like
i dont know, i aint going to sit around with him and discuss all of this
i really dont care.
8. did you enjoy my quiz (dont effect results)
yes it was good
i liked it
it was rubbish
9. can you please comment this quiz or rate it (dont effect results)
yes i will do both
i will comment
i will rate
i will do neither

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Created on:9/3/2008 2:22:51 PM
Made by:gumper

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