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What is your Harry Potter Identity?
Take this quiz to discover which character from Harry Potter you are most like! (e)

1. If you and your friends were in a dangerous situation, what would your first instinct be?
To run, but you refuse to leave your friends so stay put and put up your defences!
Tell your friends to run while you defend yourself and them!
Come up with a clever plan to escape with no harm done!
Stare at the pretty lights up ahead, but then you snap back into the real world and defend!
2. If someone you love is kidnapped, and you need to find a way to help them, how would you react?
Ask that you be taken instead of him or her.
Try your best to stay calm and try to find a way around this disater.
Throw yourself into the danger and fight your way to a solution.
Think of something unique but clever to save the day!
3. What means more to you?
Being rebelious
Being unique
Being a strategizer
None of the above! (does it matter!?)
4. Do you consider yourself to be passionate?
When it counts!
Yes, it is sometimes a weakness!
No not really.
5. Do you get easily jealous!
Depends on the situation!
6. Do you have a sense of humor!
Im funny but i don`t know it half the time!
7. Lastly, Which means more?
Loved one
I care for everyone equally and with passion!

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Created on:8/28/2007 1:25:15 PM
Made by:magicalmiss

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