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What is your guardian spirit?
Is it a demon, angel, wolf, leopard, eagle, horse, or mouse?

1. Do you love power?
Yes, the kind where ppl fear me
No everyone is equal
Only over my friends
No i don`t care
Yes, i have it everyone respects me
Not really but sometimes its needed
No everyone laughs at me
2. Whats your favorite color?
Red and black
natural forest colors
night colors
light blue and white
natural colors
gray and brown
3. A kid trips and falls in a mud puddle what what do you do?
Laugh, ppl in pain is funny
help them up
stare at them to see if they are hurt then move on
ignore them
Help them its the noble thing to do
Help them if you know them
ignore htem out of fear they called you a name yesterday
4. Do you luv the night?
more the dark
The morning is the best time
i like twilight does that count?
luv it
Not really
No i sleep through it
Its the only time i can be safe
5. Your brother/sister stole some of your money whats your reaction?
Put deadly scorpions in their bed
forgive them they`re just kidding
Steal something of theirs
Nothing until tonight
Ignore them
Shout at them and tell them to give it back
nothing their bigger than you
6. How often do you laugh at ppl?
all the time
never thats so creul
onlyif they did something to me
i don`t notice ppl enough to find something to laugh at
these ppl respect me so no
only if it was meant to be funny
they might beat me up
7. Whats your label?

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