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What is the greatest thing about you  quiz. Everyones different  so what makes you great Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is the greatest thing about you?
Everyones different, so what makes you great?

1. Your friend just failed a huge test. You...?
Tell them they should`ve studied more.
Offer to bring cookies over to his/her house later.
Offer to help them study for future tests.
Make a joke out of it and try to cheer them up.
Offer them advice, encouragement, and motivation to de better.
2. A girl is crying on the street. No one is near. You...?
Help her, ask what`s wrong, and offer to care for her till her parents come.
Feel bad, but don`t do anything to help.
Try to make her laugh and forget about why she`s crying.
Stay with her awkwardly till someone else comes.
Who cares? Someone else will come later!
3. In school/work, you are the person who...?
Does everything right, and keep working till it`s all done!
Joke around, doesn`t care much about the things taking place.
Work, but your mind is somewhere else...
Does whatever they feel like doing, whether you`re supposed to or not.
Doodles, texts, and talks to others alot.
4. You would rather travel to...?
A place full of adventure!
A place that`s relaxing!
A place that no one else really visits (out of the way)
A place full of flowers and animals and other cutesie stuff!
A place that`s calm!
5. Your first date would be/was at...?
Amusment park!
6. One word to describe you?
7. Worst quality of yourself...?
Can come off as mean
Over-worked/stressed a lot
Not serious enough
Too dependant on others.
8. The quiz is finished now.
Not a question.
What`d I get??!!!! *squeal*
Was this necessary? (yes.yes it was)

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