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What is your future occupation   quiz.  What will you be when you grow up    Take this quiz to find that out  or to find out what job best fits your personality  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your future occupation??
'What will you be when you grow up??' Take this quiz to find that out (or to find out what job best fits your personality).

1. What do you think about people?
Love Kids!
I like to help people.
I can work with people but they are not my favorite.
I like to manage people(tell them what to do, keep them on task, etc.)
The only people I really like are in my imagination.
I like to make people look good.
I want to protect people/ make the world safer.
People love ME!!
People are really fun to argue with...
2. A person falls in the road and gets hurt, they don`t want help. You...
Call 911, tell them to remain calm, and direct traffic around them.
You send one bystander to call 911, two to help the person get up, and tell the others to move away.
Convince the person to let you help them in a very good speech.
You do nothing but think about how this situation might sound in a book.
You pick up the person and carry them out of the road.
You love first aid, you help the person anyways.
You just sit there.
3. What is your favorite hobby?
Helping people (me: that isn`t a hobby, you: yeah, it is!!)
Building Stuff
Drawing designs/doing math
running your small business/inventing stuff
Drawing, Painting, Shopping
Showing kids how to do stuff/school
Being helpful
Arguing with my parents
Hanging with my MILLIONS of friends
4. What is your favorite school subject??
Student Council
Self Defense
Lunch, friend time, social stuff
5. You spend your weekends...
On a building project
Running small business/running your favorite club
drawing or shopping
Hanging with little kids
Shooting at the gun range/hunting
hanging with my fan club
Doing math, sketching

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Created on:4/11/2013 10:27:25 AM
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