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what is your future job  quiz. thats for taking this  i hope you enjoy it and please rate and comment  thanks   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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what is your future job?
thats for taking this, i hope you enjoy it and please rate and comment, thanks!!(e)

1. pick a word!! =D in this quiz there is no colour question!! YAY!!
cute things
none of those
dont really know
2. personality??
happy, out-going
caring, kind
stylish, active
popular, cool, pretty
calm, helpful, kind, caring
not really any of these
3. are you popular??
not that much
yeah with little kids, their so cute!!
yup definatley
yes i`m pretty sure that i am...... hmmmmmmmm
yup i have a bunch of friends
no, i`m counted as ordinary ones
4. whos your ideal boyfriend??
someone who love animals as much as i do
someone who is passionate caring and friendly
someone who can make me laugh when i get sad
someone who will protect me and be with me always
someone who is smart but not too smart, kind and nice
dont know
5. duckies!!
how random!!
duckie as in the Northon Ducks?? or the Common Ducks??

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Created on:2/8/2008 1:48:04 AM
Made by:dango_rox

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