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What is Your Flower Attitude  quiz. Whether your peaceful and serene  or risky and daring  you will be happy with the resuls    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is Your Flower Attitude?
Whether your peaceful and serene, or risky and daring, you will be happy with the resuls. (e)

1. Your best friend got a broken leg by skateboarding without the knee pads.What happens next?
A broken leg???SWEET!!!Forget these knee pads.
Oh no....poor_____I should help them get around.
Make them creative fun cards to brighten their spirits.
2. Your bf has been flirting with your crush for days now.What are you going to do about it?
Nothing.I will let karma take care of the rest.
Plan out revenge and vow never to be their friend again .
You know they are really not a true friend so you stop speaking to them.
3. Do you like to play paintball???
I have never played but I want to.
YES!!! I play it every weekend.
I have never played but I never will.
NO!! It scares me.
4. Are you outgoing?
No....I dont like that people may be uncomfortable.
YES!!!But I respect other peoples business.
Sometimes(when I need to be)
5. You get a paper cut in class.What do you do?
Do nothing.Besides,its just a cut.
Go straight to the nurse....you may faint.
Run some water on it.
Gross your friends out.(and maybe your tacher)
6. What best describes you?
Optimistisc and caring.
Extreme and bold.
Shy and sweet
None of the above
7. What are some bad traits you carry?
Mean and uncaring
Annoying and hyper
Boring and dull
None of the above
8. Whats your grade in art.
Ds and Fs

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