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What is your first impression on others  quiz. how do people see you act and what do they think    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your first impression on others?
how do people see you act and what do they think? (e)

1. If someone says hello. whats your response.
say "hey" and work up a charm ..or if their opposite sex flirt!
say a funny line or tell some jokes
casually say hey how`s it going and maybe talk a while
look into the disatance or ground and whisper a `hi`
say hello and ask what their favourite food is
stare them down or say get lost
2. you in a group and everyones talking. do you talk with them or not?
like duh! your the one who starts all the converstions!
tell some funny stories or jokes every now and again
just add some comments here and there or have a convo with somone beside you
daydream and blush if anyone says your name
You have the most crzy stories which probably arent true. you suck everyone in.
Scowl and wish you were anywhere but here
3. What is `your` look
Smiling and flirtacious look
Silly grin
Casual smile. just chillin`
small contented smile looking in the distance (again) lol
excited grin always movin` around
Scowl and staring at ppl
4. What do you like to wear.
Bright and loud cute sayings
silly pictures. wierd clothes
casual. cute skirts. bright colours. cute pics
conservative. flowy. skirts
Wierd.wacky colours. crazy clothes.that sceam RANDOM
black .black. black!
5. If someone asks you for a simple favour they could do themselves what do you say
okayy..Um. I dont see why I should!
you`ve got two hands do it yourself
Sure! I`ll be ther in a sec
umm. o-o-ok
I like bananas
Do it yourself !
6. Will you comment. plz do cos I love geting comments and. yea :D tell me how ya did

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Created on:8/11/2007 5:35:30 PM
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