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What is your fantasy weapon  quiz. hi i m new here and this is my first quiz    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What is your fantasy weapon?
hi i'm new here and this is my first quiz. :3

1. What do you do during your free time?
Train/Practice fighting
Polish my weapon and showing off or comparing my weapon with my friends.^-^
Read books on spells or magical creatures.
Go sightseeing
Hanging out with my friends.
Shopping! (For magical items.)
Slacking at home doing nothing.
2. You`re going on an adventure!! What do you bring along?
Food and water
A small first-aid kit just in case I get hurt.
A book that will help me along the journey.
A bag big enough to keep things I find along the way.
Extra clothes. Duh. -_-
My best friend. :)
3. Which one of these is your favourite element?
All of them.
I can`t decide. ^_^;
4. You see a weird looking mushroom.
Step on it.
I wonder if I can use it to make a potion. *Plucks it and puts into bag*
Wow that`s weird.
So what? It`s just a mushroom.
Poke it for fun.
5. You suddenly come across a monster. It looks powerful. You..
Run towards it and try to kill it with 1 hit.
Jump on top of it and pierce behind its neck. Maybe it`s the weak spot.
Try to figure out what species it is and find out its weakness.
Make sure you are a safe distance away from it and attack it using long ranged attacks.
Try to play and torture but not killing it until it runs away.
Run away.
Hide and only come out when it`s gone.
6. After the encounter with the monster, you start thinking of keeping a pet that will fight along with you. What would it be?
An european dragon. You can travel faster by riding on it but not as fast as the chinese dragon.
A chinese dragon. It is not as powerful as the european dragon but it can move much faster.
A smart creature. Like a phoenix.
An eagle or falcon which can perch easily on my shoulder or arm.
A tiger or panther or cheetah.
A large wolf for me to ride on.
I want several pets/More than one.
7. Soon, you reach a small town. You start looking for...
An inn for me to stay. I`m tired!
A weapon store.
A potion shop.
Any shops that sells arrows/bullets. I`m running out of them.
The toilet! >.<
A bar or restaurant. Anywhere I can buy food. I`m hungry!
8. Suddenly you spot a store that is displaying a cool-looking outfit at the window. How does it look like?
It`s mostly armor.
Long robes.
Mostly leather. With black leather straps.
It`s mostly cloth which makes it light and comfortable.
It looks more like asian clothes.
It looks more like european clothes.
9. I see. And what colour issit?
Black and gold/silver.
White and black/blue
White and light blue/gold.
Earthly colours.
Crimson red and black/maroon
Dark colours.
It`s very colourful.
10. Describe the way you attack.
It requires alot of strengh and me to move alot.
It requires me to move very fast at lightning speed.
All my attacks look very beautiful and it doesn`t require me to move alot unless i have to.
I can attack enemies far away and i only have to stay at one spot.
I have to move alot to attack but i can fight using ranged attacks.
I can fight with any element but my attack always causes a loud sound which attracts others.
I can attack in any way and i don`t even have to lift a finger. ^_^
11. When you are fighting together in a team, you are...
the leader.
the fastest one.
the smart one.
the one who fights from a distance and can`t be seen by enemies.
the most serious one.
the one who cheers up the team when not fighting.
the secret weapon. You don`t fight unless you are needed so most of the time you slack.

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