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Is emo the fashion?
Dont be fooled by the title.... just take the quiz and you will understand... (e)

1. Emo is the!
What no, its my life not a fashion
Yes it is....welcome to my fashion
2. I need some skinny fit jeans....there in fashion life is not a fashion
Yeah me...anyone know where to get them?
3. What else do emos wear?
Well black, red, and tight stuff.....
My life is not to be tossed into fashion
4. Emos no longer the fashion no more
damn it...oh well...whats in fashion now?
It was never a fashion
5. do you cut?
well you have to..its the fashion
yes....i have my reasons
6. music?
um...loud heavy boom!!
mcr,korn,mm,P!atd......whats it to ya?
7. emos back in fashion

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,602
Created on:12/2/2007 4:02:07 PM
Made by:XxEmo_MCRxX

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