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What is your element?
What power do u hold? Find out!

1. Someone shoves u! So u.......
Shove them back!
Tell them to back off.
Punch them and kick them!
Shove them back and runaway.
Ask them y they did that 2 u.
Turn it into a brawl! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
2. Ur fave colour?
Soft colours like velvet and light pink.
Black and purple!
3. U love to hang out in........
A pool!
A park!
A gym!
A running track!
A mall!
In my room.
4. How many BFF`s do u have?
Every living thing is my friend!
I have two close BFF`s and that`s all I need.
Everyone in the school is my friend!
I don`t have friends and I don`t want any.
5. You rubbed a genie lamp and he/she will grant u only 1 wish! What would it b?
To have even more friends!
To be able to talk to animals!
To be even MORE tough than I already am!
To run so fast I make a world record and keep beating it and beating it!
For the end of world hunger and poverty!
I don`t care about wishes!
6. Ur most dreaded household chore is........
Cleaning the fish bowl.
Taking out the dog doo.
I don`t complain about chores. I just do them.
I don`t do chores round the house.
7. Ur lil sis is being bullied right in front of ur eyes so u......
push the bully and say pick on someone ur own size u coward!
Tell them to back off!
Challenge them to a running race and if u win they have 2 stop bullying ur sister!
Reason with them.
Ignore them and walk by quietly.
8. Do u think this pic is cute?
Yes! Awwwww.....
No. (Me:Huh?)
9. Do u like anime?
Yes. I love it!
Can`t say. I don`t watch TV much.
Uh-huh. It`s cool.
Yeah but I`m not obsessed with it.
10. Cute puppies:"Will u rate and comment?"
I`ll rate.
I`ll comment.
I`ll do both.
I`ll do none.

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Created on:4/17/2009 10:32:49 PM
Made by:Glitter121

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