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What is your destiny?
A trip into the unknown. Take at your own risk.

1. You awake to a blinding light. Your ears begin to ring. This phases out. The alarm clock buzzes. What does thou do?
Remain motionless...wait.
Jump from bed and peer through the window.
Ponder this strange occurance.
Turn off your alarm-clock and go to work.
2. You find yourself walking through the woods alone. Before you stands a black wolf and a child. The white eyes of the child stare at you and it points to a stone. What does thou do?
Walk toward the stone and lift it from the ground.
Run for your life.
Approach the stone and wait....
3. You find yourself staring into the light of a candle. Slowly all around you is shrouded in darkness. You see not a candle before you but a owl. The owl asks, "What now?" How does thou respond?
"I dont know?"
"Do not condescend me foolish bird!"
"Now has passed."
"Why have you appeared?"
4. You find yourself fishing in a river. You catch a golden carp with eyes of glowing jewels. It spits from its mouth a silver ring. It speaks "This ring you have not earned, yet the time has come that I must release it." How does thou respond?
"Then take it back meddlesome fish!"
"I will leave the ring, but you I will keep."
"Is this ring now mine to keep?"
"I will not take what I have not earned."
5. A great cave stands before you. Inside lies your fourtune. Behind you lies a great undiscovered forest. of unfortold out come. A great bear emerges from the black cavern. It speaks, "Enter a great fourtune at your own risk." How does thou respond?
Slay the beast and claim your fourtune.
"What do I risk great beast?"
"I will turn to the woods great beast."
"I will enter the cave great beast."
6. You find yourself under a wall of hard falling rain and lightning. Before you the safety a wooded alcove of poisonous thorns and evil wraiths. You enter. A wraith speaks, "If you have been evil once, stay with us." What does thou do?
Stay with the wraiths.
Leave the alcove.
"If you wraiths have been good once than leave."
"I have committed no evil but I will stay regardless."
7. You are on the couch with a hot cup of drink Sunday morning. The lights go off. On the television is a ghostly figure of your self aged beyond your current years. It speaks. "What do you ask yourself?" How does thou respond?
"I will ask you nothing."
"Why have you contacted me?`
"How many years do I have left?"
"Will I fulfill my dreams in life?"
8. What does thou seek in this mortal coil?
Fame & Fortune
Peace & Tranquility
Discovery & Knowledge
Nature & Family
Love & Trust
Strength & Power
Happiness & Truth
Fun & Folly
Justice & Hope
Life and Death

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Created on:11/10/2008 2:00:36 AM
Made by:nuspickle

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