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What is your cartoon character?
Wutevr (e)

1. You have to clean you room. Do you...?
Use your newly bought alien vaccum
Order your parents to clean it
Use a magical scythe
2. What are your favorite clothes?
A big black robe
Green dog suit
Pink dress w/ a daisy
A purple suit
A stupid red hat and striped shirt
3. How would you take over the world?
Taco, Taco...
Use a scythe to control everyones` mind
Scare everyone
Duh... Monkey?
4. What`s your favorite food?
Three strips of chewy bacon, black coffee,sunny-side up eggs
Chocolate heads w/ a screamy filling
Wutevr I Want!!!!
Monkey Heads

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Times Taken:1,349
Created on:7/20/2007 5:19:45 PM
Made by:iluvjksprw

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