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What is anti-matter?
Yeah, I bet you've never taken an anti-matter quiz before. (e)

1. What is anti-matter?
Anit-matter doesn`t exist.
Matter consisting of the lack of existence.
A substance made from anti-particles.
Something in Star Trek.
2. How would you define an anti-proton?
An electron.
A proton with a negative charge.
It`s the same as a normal proton.
Anti-matter doesn`t exist, so neither do anti-protons.
3. Then what`s an anti-electron (positron)?
A proton.
An electron with a positive charge.
Same as normal electron.
Doesn`t exist.
4. Do regular neutrons have a charge? (Be careful!!!!!!)
No, it`s neutral.
Yes, it`s positive.
Yes, it`s negative.
Yes, it`s +1/3, +1/3, -2/3.
5. Based on your previous answer, what kind of charge does an anti-neutron have?
None, it`s neutral.
-1/3, -1/3, +2/3.
Don`t you get? It doesn`t exist!!
6. What was the first attempt at an anti-element?
No one has ever attempted to create an anti-element.
7. How long did it last?
One minute.
One second.
One one-hundredth of a second.
One one-billionth of a second.
It was never formed.
8. What does anti-matter do upon contact with matter?
Nothing, they neutralize each other.
It explodes.
It turns into matter.
It turns the matter into anti-matter.
Nothing, it doesn`t exist.
9. Based on your conclusion, can anti-matter exist in a matteral universe?
Of course.
Not at all.
How would I know?
It doesn`t exist at all.
10. What would be the best representation of an anti-element on the Periodic Table of Anti-Elements? (using anti-hydrogen as an example)
You can`t represent something that doesn`t exist.
11. How many anti-elements would be on the Periodic Table of Anti-Elements?
Less than there are on the Periodic Table of Elements.
Sames as the Periodic Table of Elements.
More than the Periodic Table of Elements.
Anti-matter is non-existent.
12. How many anti-elements would be on the Periodic Table of Elements?
13. What is matter?
Solid, liquid, or gas.
Consists of anti-particles.
What`s the matter with you?
Doesn`t exist.

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