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IQ quiz
to see if you are smart or retarded

1. welcome to the IQ test. Are you ready to begin the exam?
2. What does the word monkey mean?
i`m too stupid to answer
3. Why does the word exam mean test? What is a test?
because the exam is important and test means to explain your knowledge.
test your knowledge. test your knowledge
i`m too stupid
4. solve the following equation without pap are pencil or calculator. Only your brain. 2x+87x34x55+3=
5. Why does knowing math help you in the real world around you and in the working world?
so you can succeed in your job.
flat farts.
duh i`m way too dumb to answer this question
6. correct the errors in this sentence. Wow. said ray as he bitt the monkey.
there needs to be an explanation mark. Ray needs to be capsized. Bitt needs to be petted
no changes
7. did you like it? and will you rate and commit?
yes and yes
no and no
maybe and maybe
i`m still way too stupid!!!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:941
Created on:10/3/2014 8:05:45 AM
Made by:cutie108

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