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Which iPod are you?
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1. How old are you?
12 or younger
2. Pick a color group.
White, grey, or silver
Dark Colors
Bright, bold colors
3. Out of the blue, a new friend invites you to go with them on their vacation to Italy. How do you respond?
I tell them I`ll have to think it over.
I say yes immediately!
After thinking it over, I say yes
I make an excuse so I don`t have to go
I shriek in delight!
Offer to plan the trip
It depends. I might get a better offer somewhere else.
I suggest we go somewhere else together
4. Do you like adventure?
It`s all I live for.
Sure. Nothing bad has ever happened.
I like a moderate amount.
Depends on how much fun the activity will be.
I go on adventures in my own mind...
Sure, it`s how you learn.
I AM the adventure!
No, I like things to stay as they are.
5. You`ve been crushing on this one person for a long time, and you suspect they like you back. What do you do?
I ask them out myself!
I`m sure they`ll ask me out soon!
I write a poem expressin my feelings and leave it for them to find.
I flirt like crazy!
I know it`ll never work, so I do nothing.
I end up asking them. They`d never work up the nerve to ask me.
I keep my feelings secret until they show how they truly feel.
I wait until the perfect moment to show them my love.
6. What does your crush look like, anyway?
Brown hair, green eyes, loves animals
Black hair, violet eyes, slightly emo
Blonde hair, blue eyes, the coolest person at school
Brown hair, blue eyes, the smartest in your class
Red hair, gray eyes, extremely funny
Crazy colored hair, green eyes, very creative
Black hair, brown eyes, the sexiest person you know
Brown hair and eyes, extremely sweet and nice to eveyone
7. Guess what? They asked you out! Where are you going?
To see a movie
We`re just gonna hang out at his/her place
To the beach
We`re going to have a picnic in the park
To an amusement park
To the mall
To a party
We`re going to have the most romantic dinner date ever!
8. What would you do if your crush asked you to dance?
I would dance for a little while
I would take a chance and be as crazy as I could
I would dance but not a lot for fear of looking stupid
I would be too shy
I`m great at dancing, so I`d just work my magic
You would forget about how you looked and just have fun
You`d dance the moves you`re good at, and look fabulous
You`d learn a new kind of dancing from them

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