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Are you Insecure?
This quiz will determine whether your insecure or not

1. You look very ugly today
Pssh jealous much i look sexy
Who cares i look like crap anways
I look decent not to ugly not to preety so thank you
Really? That bad? *cries silently*
2. I think you are very Stupid
As if i care what you think i am smart
I know im stupid leave me the hell alone
Well your not to bright youself
3. What if I slapped you across the face right now and Call You a dork?
I would Cry abd wonder why people hate me so much
I could punch you back Dont touch me Retard
I would cry in silence rubbing my face
I would call you a dork
4. You have no life youre a worthless pile of crap...
IYou dont have to tell me things i know
Pssh Whatever
5. A thought came in...You will Grow alone and die What do you do?
Take its advice and sigh *pulling my legs close to my chest*
I would shake my head and ignore that thought
6. Your boyfriend or girlfriend leave you for someone better looking then you what do you do?
Am i that ugly?
Forget them i have kept my eye on someone hotter
This happens to me all the time..I am crap anyways

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Created on:2/12/2011 10:52:38 PM
Made by:stringbeans

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