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Are you insane?!?
Find out if you have lost your marbles in this exclusive quiz! (e)

1. If a hobo asks you for money, you would:
Politely decline.....
Sing to him, he seems lonely...
"TAKE the Gold....TAKE IT!!!!"
Take out a sharp pencil, and chuck it at his head....he could be an evil spy out to destroy you!!!
give him some yummy cheese!
2. When ordering a pizza, you would order:
A Hamburger!
Plain cheese....mmmmmm,yummy...:)
Anchovies....I love little fishies!
A Bomb, my FAVORITE!
Pepperoni is yummy!
3. Who is your favorite Avatar character?
Aang, of course!
The cabbage man....MY CABBAGES!!!!!!!!!!!
The crazy foaming guy.....HE LOOKS JUST LIKE ME!
Uncle Irho, I love Tea :)......maybe a little too much...
Azula, evil princesses are the bomb!
4. When you go to the super market, you buy:
I gave all my money to the hobo...:(
LEMONS! I shall take over the world with its ACID POWER!
Cat food, im starving....
Im sticking to the list I wrote...
5. You see an old woman crossing the street in front of you, you:
Yell,"Get outta way before I blast ya!"
Help her across the street, you used to be a boy scout!
Show her your new evil lemon!
Rush over to help her, but get distracted by a mime that has lassoed you with his invisible rope!
6. your favorite number is:
seven "ate" nine......ha ha, that`s a good one! :)
7. Your favorite movie is:
Attack of the killer tomatoes! Starring my beloved Lemon!
Spirited Away
Land Before Time.....*tear*
Im allergic to T.V. *sneeze*
Toy Story
Straw Wars, starring princess wheat!
Dot and the Smugglers....cant beat the classics!
8. Your walking through the dark woods, and you suddenly see a light in the distance, you:
run in the opposite direction, it could be a trap!
Protect your precious LEMON by shealding its eyes!
Try and impress the strange light by balancing on a rock!
Wonder what in the world to do.
9. What color eyes do you have?
Green my LEMON!!!!!!!
Black....I like to destroy happiness...
Violet, everyone is envious of them. :)
10. What is your favorite animal?
Charlie the unicorn!
A Puppy!!!!! :)
LEMONS!!!.......thats a animal, right?
Pikachu! *foams at the mouth*
A goat
A sponge!
My uncle Tony!
this pencil that im about to throw at your head!!!

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