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What inner animal am I? (The most acurate one yet.)
Find out your true inner animal!!!

1. Are you social?
yes, very
sort of
no not realy
2. Do you like to run?
yes a lot
umm not to much
no im to lazy!
3. Are you girly?, or are you boyish?( for girls)
im a very girly person
im normal
no im a tomboy
im a boy!
4. Do you like to eat a lot?
oh ya i live to eat
only when im hungry
i try not to eat, I have a girly figure
5. where do you want to live?
mountain side
In a medow
near a lake
in a house with a loving family
6. my favorite type of food is...
a mixture of greens
a hardy meat meal
a sweet blend of flower necters
yummy bugs
7. My favorite animal behavior
an agresssive
loyal animals
cute animals
flying animals
8. you can best describe me as...
mean at times
all of the above

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Created on:10/8/2008 7:54:10 AM
Made by:Melsah

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